Mexico City, Fall 2019

It was Thanksgiving week. We’d had our Thanksgiving dinner the Sunday prior. I figured the kids wouldn’t know the difference and the grandparents didn’t mind, so with an early Thanksgiving under our belts and freedom ahead, my husband and I set off for our first three night adventure without the kids. We were off to La…


Local Author Power

I was six year old when Martina, my neighbor came to drop off a book she’d written and illustrated with a few friends.  Martina was in her early twenties and she had babysat me a few times.  I loved the idea of knowing an author who actually lived close by and who I knew personally.

El Conejito Knuffle

Knuffle Bunny

Winters were too cold and summers were too hot so we spent a lot of time cooped up inside Barnes and Noble.  I was living in Manhattan with my husband and our eldest son Adam.  Adam loved books as much as I, and so Barnes and Noble was our go-to spot.  It was above our local Whole Foods Market in Tribeca, so it became our routine to stop at both. 

cafe tacuba public

A Few Words on Music

I love listening to music when painting, driving and exercising and sometimes even while writing.  I get inspired and certain feelings are triggered. When I listen to Cafe Tacvba, my favorite Mexican rock band, I’m inspired to be bold in my creativity.