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Sami and the Blue Rocket: Adventures Over Mexico City

by Venus Martinez Sharp

Sami is back for a colorful, highflying second adventure, where three things are sure to happen:


Sami will explore! He’s off to Mexico City but not before making an extraterrestrial pit stop!


He’ll be sure to find the best way to travel!


He’s ready for anything with his blue crayon and a whole new set of favorite toys!

Sami and the Orange Balloon: Adventures Over Campbell 

by Venus Martinez Sharp

Follow Sami on an incredible flight in a creatively illustrated picture book about courage, kindness, creativity and living in the moment.

“Now I just need a big ballon!” says Sami as he prepares to ride to school in a hot air balloon equipped with his legos, cars, goalie gloves, magic wand and orange crayon.  And so begins the imaginative and creative tale of a young boy on an unforgettable adventure. 

For fans of Where the Wild Things Are and Harold and the Purple Crayon, comes Sami and the Orange Balloon, honoring creativity and a love of adventure, as well as courage and kindness in an updated 21st century style. Creatively illustrated in the tradition of Mo Willems’ Knuffle Bunny, this highly imaginative tale comes to life in the clouds over Silicon Valley’s very own city of Campbell. 


Sami and the Orange Ballon


Sami y el Globo Anaranjado


Sami und der Orangene Luftballon


Sami and the Blue Rocket

Adventures over Mexico City

Sami y el Cohete Azu

Aventuras sobre la Ciudad de México

Sami and the Green Scooter

Adventures over New York City

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Venus Martinez Sharp

About the Author


Venus started teaching soon after college, when she took a long-term substitute position in a special education classroom. She loved it so much, that she went on to earn a masters degree in the field.  Knowing that each child is unique, she wrote her master’s thesis on using Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory in the classroom.  She later followed her interest in the Montessori Method and became a Montessori teacher for early childhood.

Her passion for picture books began with the birth of her first son, fourteen years ago. Since then, her list of favorite books has grown innumerably.  Among her favorite authors and illustrators are Tad Hills, Mo Willems, and Ezra Jack Keats.

The idea for Sami and the Orange Balloon was born when she observed her youngest son Sami collect his favorite things to take on a car ride.   She soon discovered that when she wears her writer’s hat, she remembers to be present in the moment and often finds material for a story. Her boys are her greatest inspiration. Observing them inspires her to be more mindful, imaginative, creative, spontaneous, and joyful. 

Venus now primarily stays home to be a Mommy and is a writer, artist, and speaker when her boys are busy at school.  She still very much enjoys reading aloud in classrooms and sharing her love for the arts with children. She and her book have been featured on The Six Fifty  She also loves her Flamenco dance classes, hiking in the mountains, and reading at the beach. 

Ideas & Inspiration


I will use this space to share my creative journey with you. My deepest wish is that it will inspire you to embark on your own journey to playfulness, imagination and creation.


Read Aloud

When: Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 | 11AM

Where:  Books Inc. located in the Pruneyard  |  1875 S. Bascom Ave. Suite 600 Campbell 95008

Book Signing

When:  December 8th, 2019  | 9:30 AM – 1 PM

Where:  Recycle Bookstore West  |  275 E. Campbell Avenue, Campbell 95008

Book Lanch Party

Join Venus for a Read-Aloud, Art Activity, Book Signing, & Refreshments

When: Sunday Oct. 20th | 2 PM – 4 PM

Where:  Art Beat | 68 E Campbell Avenue, Campbell, CA

Want to See Venus Live?


Available Presentations

Small Group Option: Read Aloud and Activity for Individual Classrooms

Venus reads Sami and the Orange Ballon aloud and provides students with a chance to ask questions and share their comments. Students are then guided in imagining and creating their own story and art. 

Large Group Option: Interactive Slide-Show Presentation for School Assemblies

Venus shares how she went from an idea to a published book, focusing on the following aspects of the process: imagining, creating, and selecting a structural guide. She shares ideas for accessing one’s imagination, including those that have worked well for her.  She also provides a guided opportunity for students to tap into their imagination and create.

Presentation for Educators

Venus presents on the process of imagining and creating.  She shares her personal experience and provides a guided opportunity for teachers to experience imagining and creating. She closes with ideas on how to facilitate this process in the classroom.

Presentation for Montessori Educators

Venus presents on the process of imagining and creating.  She shares her personal experience and provides a guided opportunity for teachers to experience imagining and creating. She closes with ideas on how to facilitate this process in a Montessori environment.

Venus reading to class


  • available virtually

  • available in English, Spanish or German

  • can be adapted for self-contained Special Education classrooms

Find Out More


How did you come up with your idea for Sami and the Orange Balloon?

My youngest son Sami collected his favorite things to take on a short car ride. I marveled at what he had chosen and wondered what he’d use it all for. That was the catalyst for this story. 

How do you find time to write?

I make the time either before I wake the boys in the morning or while they are at school. I make some time on the weekends as well.

How do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in children, especially my boys. I find that children are inherently present in the moment, joyful, silly, forgiving, imaginative and creative. They inspire me to live a fuller life.  

Who is the illustrator?

V.M. Ngo  illustrated Sami and the Orange Ballon.  He makes comics and zines during off-hours and currently lives in the Bay Area. Marina at GetYourBookIllustrations did the illustrations for Sami and the Blue Rocket.